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Nowadays product availability is crucial and business-decisive.

When trying to assure maximum product availability, you risk losing control of your assets. But even great accessibility does not automatically lead to great attraction, promotion and monetization of your content. With our ears to the ground, we have developed a service that achieves this balancing act: our digital service will assure maximum product availability, whilst safeguarding your self-evident need to protect the rights of your intellectual property.

Our Digital Service


Win-win solutions for content owners and consumers!


Win-win solutions for content owners and consumers!

Entertainment is a great business. By providing your products and services to the market you satisfy many people around the world. They love entertainment and see great value in your games and video products.


We offer a wide range of innovative solutions that help you to convert more people who are interested in your products into paying customers. By choosing from our product features, you can tailor our solution to perfectly match your product strategy.


The most efficient anti-piracy solution for PC games

Sony DADC is proud to offer the only Anti-Tamper solution effectively delaying PC games piracy which is widely adopted by major publishers and independent studios. With an easy integration as a post-compiler step, Anti-Tamper is working on top of industry standard license management systems and supports major game platforms.


Protection for DVD-video and Blu-ray video discs

Screen Pass is the best solution to protect your DVD-video and Blu-ray discs from casual copying using PC based rip tools. The protection is affectively preventing copy attempts from commercial and free copy tools. During the automatic application of the protection, the user experience is not changed and compatibility with all software and hardware playback devices is ensured.


License management / DRM for games and software

SecuROM offers disc-based or serial-number-based authentication to protect your intellectual property and ensure proper user rights for your consumers. SecuROM is conveniently applied and managed as the protection is automatically integrated into Windows or Mac binaries without any implementation work. The SecuROM online backoffice allows to administer licenses, serial numbers and give consumer support 24/7.

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