May 2018

Ubisoft relies on Sony DADC’s end-to-end supply chain solutions for Far Cry 5

On 27th March 2018, our long-term client Ubisoft released the latest and fifth edition of their blockbuster series Far Cry. Within the first week only, Far Cry 5 turned out be the fastest-selling and yet best-selling title of the Far Cry series.

It almost doubled the sales of its predecessor and generated more than 310 Mio. USD? for Ubisoft within seven days. With our proven end-to-end supply chain solutions, we took care of the various editions of the game: from Standard to Deluxe Edition, as well as the Collector’s Edition and Capsule Edition plus Vinyl Disc and the PC Game.


While the discs were produced at our sites, Ubisoft provided us with further items, like packaging components or a collector box, already pre-filled with the figurine, to have the final products assembled at our European Service Centre. Our teams successfully handled all incoming components and managed the quality control.

As an additional service, our responsible Client Services also provided an additional leaflet with a download code to the Vinyl. When redeeming the code, the customers have the opportunity to download the MP3 audio tracks from a dedicated pop-up-store which we set up with our D2C platform Monetiser. Bringing this into play, we generated additional revenue and added further value to the clients’ products. The customers rewarded the additional service with a redemption rate of over 7%.


Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 again is a great example on how the unique and outstanding end-to-end supply chain solutions enable our customers to their massive product launches as well as our individual service offerings even add value to their products.


Your business partner

Wolfgang Fuchs
VP Business Development & Sales Games and Publishing
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