January 2019

Sony DADC certified with the “Family-friendly employer” quality seal

We are proud to announce that on 29th January 2019, we were officially awarded with the “Family-friendly employer” quality seal by Dr. Juliane Bogner-Strau? – Austrian Minister for Women, Families and Youth. The festive ceremony took place at the “Aula der Wissenschaften” in Vienna.


The quality seal is based on the successful participation at the “berufundfamilie” audit process, which offers companies the opportunity to implement a family-friendly personnel management on a sustainable basis. By including our employees, the needs of all involved parties were inquired and individual action plans were developed.

Sony DADC is committed to a sustainable family-friendly personnel management!

We are proud of having received the quality seal and would like to thank all employees who have contributed to this success.


Pictures: ? Harald Schlossko

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