Schaumburg, USA and Salzburg, Austria, 29 May 2018

eBooks2go implements Sony DADC’s eBook URMS

eBooks2go has implemented Sony DADC Europe Limited’s (“Sony DADC”) User Rights Management Solution (“URMS”) to manage its eBook catalog.

In addition to fulfilling the production and marketing needs of aspiring writers across the globe, the Illinois-based book publisher acts as an online bookstore. In response to an increased demand for digital rights management (“DRM”), eBooks2go needed a platform that was not only easily accessible by iOS and Android users, but that also contained safeguards against online piracy. Sony DADC’s URMS, the new URMS Reader and the Magic Links feature developed by DITA provided the perfect platform solution for eBooks2go. “Sony DADC’s URMS technology gives us the best opportunity to showcase and also protect our self-published authors. Sony DADC has always been a leader in securing digital, video, and audio content.” said eBooks2go CEO, Ramana Abbaraju.


URMS is the top security mechanism for protecting an author’s digital property. It restricts readers by only allowing them to view the eBook on a single device. Additionally, a DRM-encrypted file cannot be copied or transferred into another file, such as a Word document. Sony DADC’s URMS technology impressed Abbaraju, and he ultimately decided to go with Sony DADC over Adobe to offer authors the safest DRM protection.


Another attractive feature influencing eBooks2go’s decision was the use of Magic Links, a feature that enables a one-click experience for a consumer to a book or even a specific page in a book. These links can be strategically positioned on a web store, sent out with a promotional e-mail, distributed on social media or included at the point of sale. If the consumer doesn’t have the URMS Reader installed on their device – the link is smart enough to bring them to the iOS App or Android Play store to get the URMS Reader – once installed it brings the user to the target book.


“We are very excited to be working with the eBooks2go team and support them with our technology as they continue to grow their business and provide outstanding user experiences for their customers” said Sony DADC’s VP of Digital Solutions URMS, Spiros Rally.


The URMS Reader can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.



About eBooks2go:

eBooks2go, located in Schaumburg, Ill., was founded in 2011 by Ramana Abbaraju. eBooks2go provides eBook conversion services for publishers and offers independent authors services such as eBook distribution and marketing, sales tracking, app and website development, editing, cover designs, and much more! eBooks2go also operates from India offices located in Chennai and Hyderabad. For more information on eBooks2go, visit


About Sony DADC:

Sony DADC is a leading end-to-end services provider for the entertainment industry and beyond, offering world-class physical and digital supply chain solutions and optical media replication services. The company’s network consists of service offices, optical media production and distribution centres worldwide.


About DITA:

DITA provides industry leading mobile application solutions for publishers, distributors and libraries. DITA is a privately held company based in Stamford, CT.


Media Contact:

John Bean, eBooks2go Marketing Coordinator, (847) 598-1150 ext. 4137,

Press Contact

Karin Ploner
Director Marketing & Communications
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